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Re: Columns UI

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When using Columns UI  1.4.1   instead  of  1.3.0  version, Artworks  for SACD ( ISO files )  are no more  visible in the playlist view.

^ Have you setup your artwork location / filename patterns in Preferences > Display > under 'Album Art' > Front Cover tab? (This is where CUI 1.4.0+ gets external art now, see release notes here)

Re: Columns UI

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yes, patterns in Album arts are filled.
What is surprising is that everything is ok for DVA , flac , MLP .... :  artworks is shown at the beginning of each group of the playlist view

But with SACD only, there is no artwork in the playlist view but artwork appears in another part of the display when I select a song.

On the image the first disc of Diana Krall is a SACD , there is no artwork in the playlist view but the artwork is shown on the left when I select a song
The second same disc is a MLP and the artwork appears at the beginning of the playlist view;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_133192_e0b4c082f8d9b2d4f36f5e620af3c7c4;topic=28647

Re: Columns UI

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The problem is the SACD input.

More specifically, it initialises COM on Columns UI's artwork thread as apartment-threaded, which is wrong in itself, but it then doesn't deinitialise COM when it's done.

It will need to be fixed in the SACD input, I'm afraid.

Re: Columns UI

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Thanks for your help

I'll   create a discussion  on SACD sourceforge  site.

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As it works on DUI, is there a way to enable the middle mouse click function on library viewer section of CUI?
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Re: Columns UI

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About  Artworks playlist view  with columns UI 1.4.1, the developer de foo_input_sacd, Maxim V.Anisiutkin, has solved the problem and created a new release

here it is his comment :

"I've fixed that. Please check v1.1.11. Thank you for mentioning about apartment threaded. "


Re: Columns UI

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Is there any way I can make it so "Album list panel" doesn't expand when I double click something? For example when I double click an artist I want to send it to the playlist and not expand it to show albums.

I've tried looking through the settings but I'm coming up empty. This is the way it works on the default UI but I don't want to use that because it doesn't look as good.

Re: Columns UI

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File | Preferences | Media Library | Album List Panel | Double-click action

Re: Columns UI

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Item details cannot  show DSD files 1Bit instead it shows 24 Bit. Anyone have a solution for this?

This is with %__bitspersample%

Re: Columns UI

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You want %__dsd_bitspersample%, if defined. At least for the built-in WavPack support for DSD. In that case, %__bitspersample% is the bit depth of the actual decoded PCM signal that the WavPack library automatically downsamples to 1/8th the DSD rate.

Re: Columns UI

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Thank you for your answer, but all components give 1Bit the correct value.
Only Colums UI and Item details give 24Bit.
%__dsd_bitspersample% is not defined.

Re: Columns UI

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Huh, maybe that's an alpha feature. Sorry about that.

Re: Columns UI

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Thank you for your answer.
This is my own fault, thought i had the latest sacd component but not.
Downloaded the new one, and everything is working perfect now.

Re: Columns UI

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hello and all good,

would u mind (thinking about) to add an option to show tooltips WITH bound keyboard shortcuts while hovering over a button?
I bind hotkeys to shortcuts and it would be very convenient to SEE the bound keys when hovering over a button.

thank you.

Re: Columns UI

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I have installed and rely to this useful component since many years.

Unfortunately, now with f2k 1.5.3 and console panel 1.0.0 the panel does not show all logs anymore. Not in realtime.
When using f2k->view->console, I see all the latest log entries, but not in the panel.
In console panel I still only see entries from the day before, not the actual entries. (Yes, I have tried to scroll..)

Is there a new setting which I have overseen? Or might this a little bug?

(excuse me, if this post is in the wrong forum)

Re: Columns UI

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Thanks. That should be fixed in version 1.0.1.

Re: Columns UI

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Message to music music:

I would like to know if in Columns ui / Playlist View / Grouping it is possible to write in the script a for next loop that allows me to detect strings in parentheses to lower the intensity when painting it. What would be the syntax?

My grouping script that paints %album% is as follows:

$ifgreater($get(primero),$get(ultimo),$puts(tex1,)$puts(tex2,)$puts(tex3,$get(campo)),)$if($strcmp($cut(%genre%,7),'Clásica'),$get(coloralbum)$get(tex1)$get(coloralbumvelado)$get(tex2)$get(coloralbum)$get(tex3)$get(colordate)[ %date%]$get(colorartist) %artist%,$get(colordate)[%date% ]$get(coloralbum)$get(tex1)$get(coloralbumvelado)$get(tex2)$get(coloralbum)$get(tex3))$get(colorcodec) %codec%)

As you can see in the image I have already made the text in parentheses to be in low intensity, but I need to refine and extend it for which I would need to use something that runs the string% album% of the for-next type

If possible I would need the same for the column %title% script.

My script for the title column is:

$if($not($strcmp(%album artist%,%artist%)),
$if($strcmp($cut(%album artist%,4),'V.A.'),$get_global(tplay_V.A.)|$get_global(tplays_V.A.)V.A.
$get_global(dimmed)|$get_global(dimmeds)$replace(%album artist%,V.A.,),
%album artist%)

// Aqui comienza la rutina de velado de los textos entre paréntesis





// si no hay abre parentesis vacio tex1 y tex2 y a tex3 le doy el valor del title


// si no hay cierra parentesis vacio tex1 y tex2 y a tex3 le doy el valor del title


// si el abre parentesis esta despues del cierra parentesis vacio tex1 y tex2 y a tex3 le doy el valor del title






Re: Columns UI

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message to zoumbro:

The right panel is made with the Graphical Browser component.
At first glance it seems simple but it was somewhat complicated since it offers embedded covers (just like the playlist view) whenever they are different. If it is a disc with 2 cds whose cover is the same, it only paints it once.
In the right panel there is a tab called Graphical that instead of painting the covers in 3 in 3 paints them in 1 in 1 but offering more data on the album than the year and the album. Furthermore, he only paints one cover per album and this is not the embedded cover but the external cover.
I have also used the graphical browser to make the 2 panels below the playlist buttons. The one on the left shows a summary of the initials by album. And the one on the right summarizes for years. The latter is extremely useful, if you have a large library, since when you are tagging an artist allows you when you refresh to go to the tagged album choosing the year.
I'm glad that what you did (I've been with foobar for 10 years) you liked.
Although I am most proud of is the grouping of discs with several CDs. To do this I had to give up grouping because it was not doing what I wanted and based on the field Nº CD.
Well it is impossible to explain in a few lines everything I did during these years.
Once again I thank you.

By private does not allow me to insert images.
I will repeat the message in the general forum so you can see the images

Re: Columns UI

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Are the files hosted elsewhere? Like, github or similar?

Trying to access the site gets blocked by Malwarebytes pro.
I like to use "HD audio" in PaulStretch. "HD audio", lol.

Re: Columns UI

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That is because Malwarebytes blocks any IP address that has ever been used as a Command and Control server for malware, even if that server is being used by literally hundreds of web sites. You may opt to add an exception for it, or go bug your shitty security software vendor that their software is dumb.

Re: Columns UI

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Thanks for the info. I'll create an account and let them know.

There's a couple other sites out there that malware doesn't like.
I like to use "HD audio" in PaulStretch. "HD audio", lol.

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