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Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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Recently updated from 0.4.5 to 5.1 and have an issue now: The displayed cover doesn't follow the played track anymore. When I start a song by double clicking it in a random self generated playlist (all files are in my media library) Chronflow won't automatically display the album playing anymore. I can chose an album in Chronflow and it will play in the chronflow-playlist though.

So the following stopped completely? Is it still activated in the settings? What happens when you focus the panel (click once anywhere in it) and press F6? That should focus the currently playing album.

Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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Yes following doesn't work at all anymore. It is set to follow after 15 seconds (AFAIK this is default). I tried other values but didn't have success. Also pressing F6 doesn't have a visible effect.

I just backed up foobar2000 and with a fresh config the new version works. So probably something in my config is causing the trouble (still: it's odd that the old version still works okay).

I will now try to refresh my library and see if that changes something. 

Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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Didn't work.

I think I will have to reset all settings and build my config new. I will copy old files until it doesn't work anymore and adjust the rest manually. So far I can say that neither the core configuration nor the columns_ui config seem to be an issue.

Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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coverflow seems to stop WIN10-Volume-control-integration. 


Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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I love this component, but is it possible to let it show the actual playlist selection?

Specifically I'd like to use the Filters from ColumnsUI and when I select a Genre for example I'd like to see only the albums of that Genre in Coverflow. Also when I then select an album in Coverflow it would be awesome to see the albums content in Playlist view.

Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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I have a problem playing with double click, I noticed only some songs play,
singles with only one track in the album will play, others in albums with multiple tracks just don't.
Any way to fix this?

Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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Hi Chronial !!
First of everything, a big thank you for your work. It is highly appreciated.
I'm using Foobar2000 v1.4.6, with windows pro XP 32 bits with graphic card AMD Radeon HD 4350.
When using the "new version" foo_chronflow v0.5.0 or foo_chronflow v0.5.1, I always receive the erro message "This component is missing a required dependency, or was made for different version of foobar2000."
I tried to use standard graphic card drivers or the lastest known drivers, same result.
I installed Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 => same result
I installed "Windows Script Control," => same result

No idea what other thing I could try....

So I am using the old last version foo_chronflow v0.4.5, which is almost working fine...
It is usually working fine for 1-2 hours and later the covers are not showed anymore. The movement is working but shows only black covers, like if the memory was not correctly managed.

Any help?

Thank you!!!!!


Re: foo_chronflow – Coverflow

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Hey seb95. Unfortunately Windows XP is no longer supported by foo_chrownflow. I can't remember, but since v0.4 came out after the end of life of XP, it probably doesn't support XP either. You can give the very old v0.3 a try:

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