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Tag&Rename 3.1.6 is out.

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preferences and needs as mentioned above already

Exactly. The main reason I still use Tag&Rename is because I'm most comfortable with it. Everything is up front, and I know exactly what I'm deleting/changing. This is one area that I don't like about mp3tag, which always makes me paranoid. I'm never sure what I'm mucking up because what tags are being affected is hidden in the options instead of up front where it should be. That doesn't mean I hate mp3tag. On the contrary, I actually use it for other reasons. Mainly the ability to export tags to file and then reimport that file and apply the tags to another set of files. TheGodFather is great for organizing, cleaning up tag/filename text, and mass renaming. Also, none of these program works perfect all the time. Sometimes one of them will show a file as having no tags or fail to fully remove them, and usually one of the others will, allowing me to fix the problem. They all have their strengths and I use each one depending on my needs.

Tag&Rename 3.1.6 is out.

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While the screen looks like a crazy maze at first I find Tag&Rename a very quick and easy tool to clean up even very messed up files.  I don't mind the price I paid for a profesionaly supported program and feel they deliver value.  Now if they start pulling the all too familier trick of renaming the product every few releases and charging a new fee I might consider the free programs again.  So far they seem to be playing fair.

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