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Track/Album Gain & Wavpack

I'm just wondering how to calculate or maybe even change manually replay gain values for wavpack files.
I have seen that the Winamp plugin would support replay gain principally.

Is there any possibility to include track/album gain values within Ape v2.0 tags?

Track/Album Gain & Wavpack

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Track/Album Gain & Wavpack

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Hmm... well, i was afraid of this answer a little bit...
How to tell it in order not to conjure up waves of outcries?

Till now i haven't yet found my personal access to that program.

But it seems i can't no longer ignore its powerful functionalities.
By the way, is it true that some functions are executable over a command line?
What would make it much more easier to leave 'my' dos box...

However i generally should be happy that at least one program is able to set replay gains on wavpack files.

Track/Album Gain & Wavpack

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Would it possible in future times once to complete the Winamp input plugin for wavpack with a preamp slider (like the Ogg and Flac plugin has)?

As you may imagine even on pop/rock tracks without a strong dynamic compression replaygain cause a notable loudness reduction, i guess all the album gains are around 4db. - Something like a premap slider could reduce this effect a bit, specelly confronting with MP3 files in the collection.

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