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Foobar COM port display component  []

Ouputs data specified by outputformat param to selected COM port on playback events and during playback on refresh interval.
Can be used to output data for lcd displays, volume info for external dac volume control or whatever ...

1. Com port: COM1, COM2, COM3 .... (default: COM1)
2. Baudrate (default:9600)
3. Data bits [4,5,6,7,8]   (default: 8)
4. Stop bit [1,2,1.5]   (default: 1)
5. Parity [n,o,e,m,s]   (default: n)
6. Refresh interval(sec) (default: 1)
7. Output format - defines which data is being sent through com port on every event, uses standard foobar title format syntax, plus %volume% extension which is not provided by standard foobar title format, default (designed for 2x40 lcd): $upper($left($pad(%filename%,$ifequal(%volume%,0,67,59)),$ifequal(%volume%,0,67,59)))$upper($left($pad(%codec%,3),3))/$left($pad(%bitrate%,3),3)/$ifequal(%volume%,0,,$left(%volume%,5)dB/)%playback_time%
8. LCD refresh (default: off) - outputs EOT character that signals lcd.reset prior to transmission, doesn't print EOT during playback to avoid flickering
9. Console debug output (default: off)

Source code here: []

Also, attached a simple Arduino schematics and code for lcd display.  []

Enjoy !

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