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4 additional sample sets with DDD ATRAC Type-R

OK I found the time to create a few more sample sets tonight...
Four of them actually...

Three of these samples come from a sample thread @ HA (
The ones I chose are:

- A sample from the song Rock & Roll, by Led Zeppelin, originally uploaded by PVNC
- Bayle - Jeita or Waters' Murmur - Etching, originally uploaded by Guruboolez
- Track01 (Avison - Concerto Grosso 30 sec), originally uploaded by Guruboolez
- And finally, one of my own: a sample from the song Sledgehammer, by Peter Gabriel.

All of these samples are 30 seconds long, and are provided in the following formats (compressed in lossless APE so it wouldn't weigh too much):

- original WAV file
- ATRAC Type-R SP, again optically recorded with my deck
- ATRAC3+ 256 kbps (aka Hi-SP), encoded with Sonicstage 2.1
- MP3 Lame 3.96.1, preset extreme
- Vorbis Megamix2, based on Vorbis 1.1 RC1, quality 6
- MPC using mppenc 1.15r, preset xtreme

Each set weighs between 11 MB and 18 MB.
Didn't have the time to ABC those yet, so feel free to do so until I can find the time...

I also decided, based on feedback for my previous Type-R sample set, to use other encoders for Lame and MPC as newer, better encoders were suggested by a few members, however I kept the same encoding settings for each codec.

Download links:
- Bayle - Jeita or Waters' Murmur - Etching :
- Led Zeppelin, Rock & Roll :
- Track01 (Avison - Concerto Grosso 30 sec) :
- Sledgehammer, Peter Gabriel :

4 additional sample sets with DDD ATRAC Type-R

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Kouby, this is awesome. Thanks! I'd download these tonight, but I'll have to wait until I am back on campus tomorrow; I only have dialup here 

I did a DDD (MD deck->CD recorder) ATRAC Type-R test with a bunch of classical and rock samples in 2002, but don't have the original ABX results anymore. So, it will be nice to see how well the codec holds up for different types of music in terms of actual numbers.

4 additional sample sets with DDD ATRAC Type-R

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My results for all files (the four recent ones + castanets + fatboy):

ABX logs are available here.
Based on these 6 samples, Atrac3plus is slightly better than atrac type-R - but difference is not constant. Lame is better (big difference is mainly due to the very good results obtained with fatboy). MPC and Vorbis MEGAMIX are clear winner, with smaller average size (-q6 for vorbis MGXII and -q6 for musepack = 200...230 kbps).

4 additional sample sets with DDD ATRAC Type-R

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Thank you very much !

4 additional sample sets with DDD ATRAC Type-R

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Thanks a lot for your results guru

4 additional sample sets with DDD ATRAC Type-R

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yeah, thanks a lot guruboolez. For lame I'm sure meant 3.96.1?

4 additional sample sets with DDD ATRAC Type-R

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Interesting results, Guru. I'm especially encouraged by the good results that MegaMix has been getting in these tests as of late; Vorbis is definitely making good progress.

I downloaded these samples as well, but currently don't have the time to test them...grant applications  and a research proposal need to get done first 

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