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Audigy 2 nx RC setup


bought this one while ago and wanted to share this small file that hopefully is useable for someone.

Place in
X:\Program Files\Creative\MediaSource\RemoteControl\KeyMap

add foobar to remote center and launch it thru there and set keycontrols default except
(just guidelines you can set them as you want ofcourse)
B      [main] Playback/Previous
T      [main] Playback/Seek ahead by 1 minute
S      [main] Playback/Seek ahead by 30 seconds
ESC  [main] Foobar2000/Close

Select (the big one in middle) will start playback.

Audigy 2 nx RC setup

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Anyone know where I can find a keymap for the Audigy 2 Platinum (remote control model RM-1000W)? Or how to make one?

Audigy 2 nx RC setup

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I've been fiddling with the different ways to use a remote with Foobar (Girder, RMX, etc), and I've come to the conclusion of late that remote controls were thought up by the devil himself. They are supposed to make our lives more conveniant, but they do exactly the oppposite, don't they?

Anyways, I managed to find a little bit of info on the one and only hack site out there that seems to no longer exists (big thanks to Googles cache), but that didn't help too much. Have to use ASCII codes in the key file which is not very useful, and my file didn't work in the end (used the one in this thread as a guide). Maybe someone knows what the different key events mean (like 40047 or 40045 in the Winamp key file for example)? Have to say, really dumb of Creative to design a remote with zero ability to equate different remote buttons to different key presses on the keyboard.

FWIW I did manage, however, to find a Creative specific remote plugin for Winamp so I'm thinking maybe just using that as my player when I need the ability, and only use Foobar when I'm actually at the PC (may give Girder another go though). It was on the Winamp plug-in site, so if there is anyone in the same boat you should definitely check it out. No messy setup required even, it just works.

Audigy 2 nx RC setup

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rm-1000 and rm-1500 seem to have same MMCDEvents.
You can check different remote events from
X:\Program Files\Creative\MediaSource\RemoteControl\RCRx
RCI files in there are readable with notepad.
Digisurfer: did you try this FOOBAR2000.key without any modification and it didnt work?
You could try to rename it to FOOBAR2000_CLASS.key
and see if it works.
I just remapped those keycodes to normal alphabets and numbers.
In winamp you are controlling the main window you have to close eq and playlist for it to work.

Audigy 2 nx RC setup

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Wow! I can't believe I found others with the same problems with the Audigy RemoteCenter. My RM-900 has been collecting dust for 2 years it's so useless. I'm trying to use it to control the ATI MMC Applications in what I hope will be a Home Theatre PC. I have a vintage Radeon All-In-Wonder. But so far I've had no luck hacking Creative's RemoteCenter application. (BTW, thanks for the KeyMap) Nor have I found a plugin for Girder that works with the Audigy Platinum card. I think it is because it uses the MIDI input rather than a serial COM port to handle the IR receiver.

While this didn't help me, I thought you might be interested in Creative's answer to my request. If I sign their confidentiality agreement, I can become a developer and maybe pry the secrets of RemoteCenter out of them.

Original Message Follows:
Dear Michael,

For the programing manual that you requested for the RemoteCenter
application for the Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum.

Unfortunately, is it not possible for us to send you a programing

You may want to consider going to
and email them with any questions that you have for the Remote control.

For faster service please reply with previous correspondence when
replying to this email.

Best Regards,

Doug (10868)
Technical Support
Creative Labs Americas
"Get Creative"

Original Message Follows:
Detailed Problem Description:

Can you send me a programming manual to explain the
registry keys (*.key) and the scripting language (*.srp)
used by the RemoteCenter application.  I would like to
configure the RM-900 remote control to work with ATI's
MMC applications.

Thank You

Audigy 2 nx RC setup

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This plugin for Girder works for me

Creative Remotes 1.1
This plugin enables the owners of the SB Live!Drive IR, Platinum 5.1 kit and Audigy to use their Creative iR2000 or rm900 remote with Girder.
It can also be used to control Girder using any MIDI device using SysEx messages.

Good luck
Windows 10 Pro x64 // foobar2000 1.3.10

Audigy 2 nx RC setup

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i know its kinda of old, but how do i add an option for the volumes

Audigy 2 nx RC setup

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thank you very much lenup I was really looking for something similar and finally found!!!!!!
Can you say me how to create a .key file similiar to yours for other application like winamp or dvd player?

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