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About Live Sound Recording

Hello People,

We film live gigs, currently mixing the sound using an Allen & Heath QuPac. For a variety of reasons which I'll not bore you all with, we're changing to a Midas M32R console.

With the QuPAC we could record a multi-track mix to a laptop in the OB Van, AND we could also use the A&H QDrive system to record a backup multi-track recording (albeit only 18 channels) to a USB HD plugged into the console.

As the Midas only has one USB output, what suggestions do people have on how best to get a backup of our multi-track recordings. We don't want to risk only recording the multi-tracks on one device. A laptop crash is always a possibility.

In an ideal world, I'd like a 1U hardware box with a big record button on it, which would somehow connect to the M32R and create a backup of all 32 channels onto a memory stick, interval SSD or similar. In fact, what would be really good, would be the ability to buy two of these and dispense with the laptop altogether!

I've been googling, but I can't find a solution. Currently looking at MADI and all sorts of things, but I'd really appreciate some help.

Many thanks,

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