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Macintosh ---> FireWire 400 ---> AES/EBU

Topic says it all... I am looking for the least lossy way to shoot a digital audio signal about 20' from my computer to my Benchmark DAC1.  I would have to presume AES/EBU would be the best choice for such a distance.  I don't have USB 2.0 to work with, so it has to be FireWire 400.  Compatibility with MacOS a requirement, Windoze would be very nice too.  Don't need any digital in to the PC, or analog I/O, but I'm sure i'll end up paying for that anyway... would be nice if I didn't have to, obviously.

Open to other ideas as well...


edit: I guess FireWire 800 would be fine for the mac, but not for the PC.
edit2: I guess if I have to, I could buy a USB2 card but I'd rather use FireWire.

Macintosh ---> FireWire 400 ---> AES/EBU

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I'm looking for exactly the same thing, for the same application - the closest i've found is the yellowtec puc, which seems extravagantly priced (at 440 euro for the balanced version) on top of "only" usb 1.1... if you find something better, please share...

now if only benchmark media could build an amp to go with their dac...

Macintosh ---> FireWire 400 ---> AES/EBU

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AES/EBU is a stable interface indeed. RME ( might have something for you.
If a PCI card is an option, more models are available. Lynx ( would be a good choice. They have Mac (OS9/X) and Windows drivers.


Macintosh ---> FireWire 400 ---> AES/EBU

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For what it's worth, i posted the question to audioasylum.

Another thing that popped up is that it's apparently possible to buy a spdif rca => aes/ebu converter...

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