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"Tag Pedants" Mailing List

A potentially interesting mailing-list was announced on r3mix forum.

Originally posted at
For a long time, I've had private little fights with myself over
things that I wanted to do with my music, but that the world
doesn't yet care about.

I'm one of those people that spends huge periods of times on their id3 tags, making them as accurate and useful as possible. I'm also really frustrated, because the tools don't yet exist to do the types of things I want to do with my tags (like, say, having one mp3 that 'appears' on multiple albums, rather than a seperate mp3 for every album a track is on). I realized I'm not the only one like this, so I decided to set up a mailing list for those folks that really need someone to discuss their tagging and sorting ideas with (and try to come up with workable solutions to some of the problems with tags currently).

If this sounds like you, join the list! Subscription is easy, just send an email message to:

   [a href=''][/a]

.... And  just maybe we'll keep each other from going insane. :>



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