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Anybody own a Chrome-X??

I've been considering purchasing an mp3-cd player and like the I-River Chrome-X. After trying out and returning a few Sony's and an Expanium (gotta love Wally-World's liberal return policy!), the I-River looks like the only player that has a multi-line display, good battery life, a backlight, upgradable firmware, and quality for the price (99 USD). The Slim-X is nice but I am not interested in it due to the lack of on-board controls, and who cares if it's only 16mm wide? Not worth the extra $75 dollars in my book. (By the way, the Sony players are extremely dissapointing for the price, and the Expanium is a relic in my book).

Does anybody own the Chrome-X player, and if so, what are your impressions of it? Also, will it play 99 minute CD-R media? The extra 170MB translates into an hour or two more of music at the --aps setting, so I am curious (and hopeful) as to whether it will play back those discs. Any comments are greatly appreciated!

Maybe the I-River will be the first player to support Vorbis (through a firmware upgrade)?

Anybody own a Chrome-X??

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I own a ChromeX. My impressions of it are generally positive. For a $99 USD player, you really can't ask for much more than what's offered. Have you read the online reviews of this product?

If you want to compare the features of the ChromeX with those of the other MP3 / CD players out there, feel free to take a look at this page for details at a glance. Although that product comparison chart lists the maximum CD capacity at 700 MB for the iRiver MP3 / CD players, I have read numerous posts from the users at the hardware message boards, indicating that 90 minute and 99 minute CD-R media do work in these devices.

If you have any other specific questions about the ChromeX, feel free to ask...

Anybody own a Chrome-X??

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For $99 the Chrome-X seems like a no-brainer. If the Chrome-X had been available at the time I probably would have bought that instead of my Slim-X (yeah, I'm cheap like that). I had a RioVolt SP-90 for several months and was mostly pleased, but it had occasionally some annoying problems with VBRs and it wasn't officially firmware upgradeable so there was always a fear of killing it with a bad firmware upgrade.  iRiver seems cool, and I think they will add AAC and/or OGG support, they really seem to care about the quality of their products. Don't listen to me, I'm biased, I got an email today from iRiver saying I won a one of those iRiver shoulderbags because I registered on their site.

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