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Splitting/Converting Flac

I've backed up some CDs to single FLAC files along with .CUE files.  I plan to do more but want to know this is possible before I do so.

I was wondering how I could use this as my primary storage format and then quickly convert them to other formats (ogg, mp3, single flac files)

For example, suppose I wanted to take this single .FLAC file and using the .CUE split it into multiple MP3 files using the .CUE for file names/ID3 tag info and split points.

I've searched around here and I can't seem to find anything describing doing just that.

Is this possible?


Splitting/Converting Flac

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Read this topic, It is still being updated.

Basicaly, You can copy your tracks with EAC (using 1 flac per track, not per album) and create a cue sheet. You dont have to create only 1 flac per album since FLAC is 1. Lossless, 2. gapless.

Next, download and install foobar2000, this software can reencode from <insert input coded name here> to <insert output coded name here> without losing any tags. 

That's what ppl here will tell you.



Splitting/Converting Flac

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You can also just copy to an image (one file) and cue and use Foobar to do the same thing. Just load the cue in foobar and you can transcode individual files.

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