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Carbon (foo_looks)

A work in progress (though near completion):

Carbon (foo_looks)

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A very nice, elegant interface. I like it a lot.

Only problem I had was when I clicked on the 'X' close window button on Carbon, thinking it would close foobar - it didn't, but closed down foo_looks, and it wouldn't show up even when restarting foobar later.

Bummer! I learned to fix this by - removing the whole foo_looks (dlls and lloks directory), placing them somewhere. Them restarting foobar. Shut down, restore dirs, and then it works, defaulting to the original foo_looks skin.

But the looks of Carbon are really neat, thanks!


Carbon (foo_looks)

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Thank you for the kind words!  The problems you mentioned will be fixed in the next version. The new version of Carbon (2.0) will be released very soon (Possibly in less than 2 hrs).

This is the main thread for interfaces, and where the new version will be posted.

Also, after closing the look, you can restore it using the menu item: Components->Look->Show->Activate

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