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Please be aware that much of the software linked to or mentioned on this forum is niche and therefore infrequently downloaded. Lots of anti-virus scanners and so-called malware detectors like to flag infrequently downloaded software as bad until it is either downloaded enough times, or its developer actually bothers with getting each individual release allow listed by every single AV vendor. You can do many people a great favor when encountering such a "problem" example by submitting them to your AV vendor for examination. For almost everything on this forum, it is a false positive.
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Speex ist 0.4.0

This release adds many more bit-rates to both narrowband and wideband, as well as the ability to change bit-rate dynamically from frame to frame. The narrowband modes now range from 8 kbps to 18 kbps, while wideband range from 10 kbps to 28 kbps. There is also a "noise coding" mode at 2 kbps for narrowband and 3 kbps for wideband. All this will lead to real Variable Bit-Rate (VBR) in the future. Also, worth mentioning the codec latency has been reduced from 40 ms to 30 ms (20 ms frames + 10 ms lookahead).

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