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Gettin\' MacGyver on a driver

About a week ago I sent a chair flying into my loudspeaker where it did considerable damage to the woofer cone. I've owned these speakers for long time and they weren't terribly expensive but finding a matching 7 ohm woofer seemed hopeless. Figured I'd take a shot at repairing the cone myself.

I couldn't find my trusty superglue but I did find the 2-barrel epoxy dispenser. After applying scotch tape to the back of the cone for support I brushed the damaged areas with epoxy. Several hours later I removed the tape and put a very thin smear on the backside.

I hooked them up blindly unable to tell which was which (details available, just ask)and played a number of heavy metal double-kick drum tracks. I actually got it wrong, I took the baffle off to discover I had the undamaged one. This is better than I hoped and thought it would appeal to those do-it-yourself-ers out there.
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Gettin\' MacGyver on a driver

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Originally posted by Destroid
About a week ago I sent a chair flying into my loudspeaker

Why so much violence?

Was it playing Britney Spears?

Gettin\' MacGyver on a driver

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Duct Tape will work wonders. I have repaired a few speakers with it. Possibly not as good as this solution. But it works in a pinch. Duct Tape can fix just about everything. World peace? No problem. Duct tape can do it!

Gettin\' MacGyver on a driver

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"Duct tape is like the force.  It has a dark side and a light side and it holds the universe together."
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