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Linux API without Files

I have looked at many of the compression products and they are all based on compressing files.  Here is what I need, can anyone suggest something?

Linux/Fedora Core 2
Intel based PC
Soundblaster 128 PCI

I am reading audio data from the sound card.  I need to compress the data and put it in a message queue.  There is another piece of software that reads the compressed audio data from the queue and sends that comressed data to a server.  The server stores the compressed audio data for playback at a later time.  When playback occurs, the data is uncompressed if the player does not understand the compressed data.

So you see, using disk files is a large waste of time and resources and I would like to avoid having to write the raw data to a file, convert the file to a comressed file, then reading the file so I can send it (or sending the filename) to another program.

Any products available for me?  You can contact me directly -

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