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Best Way To Rip In Mono


I have decided I want to finally sort out all my music, and want to make sure it is all in the best format possible so I don't have to rip it all again. I have previously recorded just in musicmatch but now want to do it properly.

I am deaf in one ear, so want to record in mono (this should save on space as well). I understand the lame alt-preset standard setting is thought to be good enough for most people, but am not entirely sure what to do to record using this setting but in mono.

I have downloaded exact audio copy and lame, but can't work out the correct switches to use. I'm not sure how lame creates mono files, but I want it to be a mix of the two channels, rather than just one.

As you can tell, I'm a bit of a newbie and would be really grateful if someone could spare the time to recommend the command line switches to use in EAC, or recommend a better solution.

Thanks a lot


Best Way To Rip In Mono

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Code: [Select]
    -m <mode>       (s)tereo, (j)oint, (f)orce, (m)ono or (a)auto
                   default is (s) or (j) depending on bitrate
                   force = force ms_stereo on all frames.


Best Way To Rip In Mono

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There are some things to be considered when encoding mono MP3s, but addition of the -a switch seems the easiest solution.

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