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Request for test: Lame cbr 128

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It would be helpfull if those sensitive to high freq problems

That's why i posted here my subjective opinion about this issue.
I have believed that you would need some tests to resolve this issue. If i'm not wrong psycoacustics problems are better noticeable with CBR because with VBR the bitrate increment can mask them. So... i think your request for CBR testing is a such case: maybe you think to resolve the problem with CBR and apply later the same tunings for ABR/VBR. If not i can understand the reason of a so little partecipation by the community: here at HA most people don't use CBR.

Regarding "Skipping" artifact, it seems to be another problem reported later by viper.
In these quick tests i've focused my attention ONLY on HF problems.
Ok, it seems that I mixed 2 problems

No problems
WavPack 4.3 -mfx5
LAME 3.97 -V5 --vbr-new --athaa-sensitivity 1

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