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"Sound Solution" the best free multiband audio pr

I have found this plug-in for winamp: Sound Solution. It's a multiband
compressor-expander-limiter, the sound is like Orban Optimod FM.
Some Features:
- Multiband Compressor-Expander-Limiter
- Center frequencies B1=170Hz, B2=1000Hz, B3=3200,B4=7200,B5=12000
-Track RMS
- Gated AGC
- Stereo expander
- Dual band output limiter / compressor / clipper
- Bass Equalizer
- Built in preemphasis 50-75uS generator and lowpass antialias filter
Download Sound Solution from or
You can process real time sound fom an external sound mixer, using LineIn
input plug-in made by Jasper v/d Gronde:

"Sound Solution" the best free multiband audio pr

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I decided to give this a try and was very impressed.. I've tried vlevel and the dynamics compressor for fb2k and this plugin blows them both away.  It's a shame it's only available for Winamp.

"Sound Solution" the best free multiband audio pr

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Version 2.0 is now available. 

I'm no expert on this topic, but this thing is amazing.  It requires some CPU cycles so older systems need not apply.

edit: my bad, this is a beta version that stops playing every 4 minutes.

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