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Visual Basic Component development

I apologize if this is a stupid question but I would likle to know if there are any possibility to write components (e.g. User Interface) using Visual Basic (using VS .net 2003).

If yes I would like to know about any example to use/interface with the SDK and if any special technique is required to do so.

Visual Basic Component development

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Is it possible? Probably.

Are there examples/interfaces for this? No.

Special technique required? Wrap all the .NET (managed) classes you want to expose to foobar2000 with classes written in unmanaged C++. So while it should be possible, it most likely isn't much fun to do it. Another problem that you have to overcome, is the lack of generics in the current version of .NET, but this could be handled by the C++ wrapper classes.

Visual Basic Component development

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Thank you ... I understand that but would alos like to know if any wrapping is needed whenever I would invoke methods from the toolkit.

Visual Basic Component development

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A more general question, and one that applies to the other 'managed' .net languages, is why? You would create a new dependency on the .net runtimes, which are about 30mb, and if they're not already loaded you're going to drastically slow down foobar startup as well as increase the memory footprint before your plugin does anything at all.

I use VB in my day job, and it rocks for client/server apps, but i'd avoid any foobar plugin that has dependencies like the .net runtime.


Visual Basic Component development

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I don't care about those run time if they can be avoided .... I'm just planning to write my custom GUI and find it easir in VB but who like to know how to proceed

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