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Topic: Multiformat@128 public listening test - CANCELLED (Read 38121 times) previous topic - next topic
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Multiformat@128 public listening test - CANCELLED

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Is that the version and command line that you found to get the best sound quality with LAME at a bit rate of around 128 kbps?

Yes (although it wasn't me that found it, but ff123 and [proxima] instead)


Multiformat@128 public listening test - CANCELLED

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WMA VBR varies too wildly in bitrate (some samples get bitrate lower than 100kbps, others are higher than 150...), so I used Two-pass VBR ("Bitrate VBR")  at 128kbps.

Has anyone compared the sound quality of such two-pass 128 kbps VBR WMA, and one of the quality presets (I forget which averages closer to 128, is it quality 75?)? Of course as you mention, the latter would show more variance in bitrate so perhaps not be as well-suited for the 128 kbps multi-format test, but I'm curious how one versus the other would compare in sound quality, regardless that one has more variance in bit rate. Has anyone done a sound comparison of those two types of WMA VBR?

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