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[USELESS] offtopic babbling split

hello folks ....wasn't it nice of dev0 to kill the thread...

Anyway to continue, I'm using WMA VBR 96 2pass as is possible through EAC.

I've just ripped "Fly Or Die" by N.E.R.D to WMA as above and to MP3 using LAME 3.93.1 also VBR 96 (is 2 pass possible here?)

WMA - total file size (12 tracks) 38.1 MB bitrate range 100kbps to 120kbps (windows Explorer. Mr. Question Man 0.4 says 96kbps for all, and shames me 12 times.
MP3 -  total file size (12 tracks) 63.2 MB bitrate range not entirely sure whats correct here but:
Windows Explorer (XP) reports bitrates ranging from 344kbps to 422kbps !!! 
EncSpot Basic 2.0 reports 141kbps to 173kbps as does Mr. Question Man 0.4

I obiously can't say one sounds better than the other for fear of breaking the forum rules but I'm sticking with WMA for the smaller files.

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