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Topic: Any news on mpc`s development.? (Read 5358 times) previous topic - next topic
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Any news on mpc`s development.?

How does the work on SV7.5. / 8. go.!
is there a w32 binary for avabiable for testing somewhere.?

Any news on mpc`s development.?

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Time to give Frank a phone call i guess, now as i'm finally back from a one week trade show in Helsinki ..... i will give you an update once i had him on the phone, maybe even this weekend .....

Any news on mpc`s development.?

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I wouldn't want it all to sound foolishly but one thing came to my mind...

I'm aware that Mr. Klemm doesn't follow this forum very closely but I'm pretty sure he already knows that MPC (in par with Ogg Vorbis) has won Roberto's 128kbps Multiformat Test

What wonders me is if he has heard about Musepack's possible flaw discussed in the test's results discussion topic:

Possible Musepack's flaw
(and further down the topic)

I think it would be helpful for the development if he knew about that

I'm sorry if it has already been discussed somewhere else (for example on developer's mailing list).

I sure hope ChristianHJW will give us some good news 

Best regards,


Any news on mpc`s development.?

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I know that MPC has heavy tuning in Q5. I am the impression that Q4 isn't tuned much and just happens to perform well against more tuned codecs around 128k (*strong psymodel*). I am also not sure if Q4 tuning has much to do with the higher quality modes ??

But if Frank can improve Q4 even more it will be great.
wavpack 4.8 -b3hx4cl

Any news on mpc`s development.?

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Thanks for the replies, i am sort of eager on this one, since it have been awhile
since last binary release. I know there are some modified source out there,
but am having a hard time compiling it. (foulty install i guess.)
Someone can give a rundown on what changed.

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