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MPC replay problem with 0.82

I usually archive my albums as single files (FLAC) with cue-sheets, and encode them lossy for listening purposes.

The two FLACs in this file

are the result of converting the first seconds of an album's third track using fb2k 0.82
One source was <album>.flac, other source was <album>.mpc.

Decoding the Musepack-source introduced some strange high frequent noises at the beginning and at around the seventh second. Replaying <album>.mpc with an alternative Software (tested with DeliPlayer 2.03b did not produce these noises. That's why I think that it is an issue with fb2k, rather than with MPC.

Funny is that when you encode the FLAC-sourced FLAC with mppenc, fb2k does not produce the noises on replay. The issue seems also to be depending on the data's position in a stream. A similar thing happened to me with another album where some pop/click/whatever appeared in the gap between two tracks, but for that I have not yet been able to produce samples suitable to be posted here.

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