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Mono Sources Converted To Stereo

In short, I would like MPC to do what every other encoder I know of does - use the same number of channels as the source.

By default, unless you force it not to, MPC encodes mono as stereo.  Fortunately, the bitrate drops to what you would expect for mono material and I wasn't able to ABX a sample.  However, it does create 2 distinct channels and differences in the channels (as opposed to simply creating 1 channel and telling the decoder to play it on each side), so it is possible that a sample exists that would cause problems.

Tested standard and insane, with and without ms 15.  Unfortunately, the wonderfully obscure command to force mono (--dmx m or --dmx -1) gives the following message in both the 15t and 14 versions:  ERROR: unknown option '--dmx' !
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