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MP3 length problem

Foobar seems to have a problem a few select MP3 (which all have the same problem).

They are all VBR files (from what i can tell), the problem is that foobar detects the MP3s as being 32kbps mp3's, so display then as being about 25-30min files, when there only really about 4min long. Its able to detect the per 'frame' bitrate changes, but it picks up the overall MP3 bitrate as 32 kbps, which of cause, just screws up the detected length.

It cant be the MP3, because WMP and winamp are both able to detect the MP3s correctly. It could maybe be somethng funny in the headers that those players can work around, but foorbar cant, but all i know is that its annoying as hell, because its had to skip in those files because small skips on the time bar take you past the whole MP3. lol.

Ive had this ever since ive been using foobar, and even the latest 0.8.2 beta (1) has this problem.

Any ideas what causes it, and if it can (or when) it will be fixed?

MP3 length problem

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I also just bumped into another releated problem). A couple of MP3's i just download display the bitrate too high, and keep playing after the end of the song. foobar shows them at 80 kbps MP3's, but the VBR bitrate stays locked at 72kbps.

With this one, WMP is able to detect the correct time no problem, winamp incorrectly detects the time at first, but after 4-5 seconds of playing, picks up the longer, correct time. foobar just satys incorrect.

Certainly seems that foobar doesnt like something with these MP3's,.


MP3 length problem

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Right click on the song in the playlist -> Fix mp3 header... should correct your problems.

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