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[TOS #8] thread resurrection + TOS #8 violation

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the only way to recreate near analog/vinyl sound on pc is to use 192khz/24bit wav files, NEVER USING lossy codecs on them, and use good quality hardware and software for recording and playing those files. i like cool edit pro for its simplicity, but for hardware you could check out another thread to see what to use. you dont need audiophile/astronomically priced sound card, speakers, turntable, cartridge to backup your vinyl lps, but something high quality.

btw, most posters seem to think cd quality (44/16) is the way to go when preserving your analog recordings, since it will offer the best quality that your ears are going to hear anyway. even at 48/24, the music flows smoother and more 'alive'. i know beacause i have backed up some tapes to pc using 48/24, then downconverting to 44/16 and the difference CAN be heard. i dont mean i can hear >20khz frequencies, but the music sounds more natural/less 'chopped'/simulated than at 44/16. no, i dont have audiophile/$100000000 sound system, just a dell pc with the included 4.1ch speakers, and the diff can be heard. so, yes, dont go by what someone says, everyone should treat themselves to a comparison of their fav music in diff sample rates and bit depths.
Computers hear best in Digital form. Humans hear best in Analog form. Which one are you?

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