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iPod 3G Decoder Distortion w/ high-bitrate MP3

After reading the following thread regarding high-bitrate decoder problems with the 3G iPod, I remember that I had noticed this myself when playing back --preset insane encoded classical and jazz music files. Music containing steady tones, like bassoon, strings, or electronic keyboard seems to "warble" and exhibit occasional dropouts. Worse still, its not just limited to classical; Herbie Hanock's jazz-rock album Headhunters shows the same behavior, while I have not noticed anything with classic rock or metal. The behavior does not change when one switches equalizer or "sound check" settings; the distortion is consistent. Though this problem so far seems limited to --alt-preset insane (which I only use on very problematic material), I now find myself wondering if this decoding behavior is seen anytime a 320kbps frame is decoded (i.e., even in --preset standard)?

I've attached a FLAC file containing a recording of the first 15 seconds of The Rite of Spring playing through the iPod. The original file was encoded using --alt-preset insane --noreplaygain. I have more samples if anybody is interested, but seeing as how I am on VERY bad dial-up in my apartment, I can only upload one file at a time (and at very low speeds).

I hope that Apple can address this issue, as I'd prefer to use LAME over QT AAC for the simple reason that I have already found preset standard to be transparent on most of my material, and use insane for extra assurance on harpsichord, loud brass, or electronic recordings. Plus, MP3 is compatible with a host of other devices I own; AAC is not. However, it would seem that my iPod is not cooperating with this logic! I'm starting to wish I had bought an iRiver or Karma instead 

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