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Keep the loop information of wav files

I have some wav files that contain loop informations, it's very useful in musics creation softwares, for example when you have a sound of a violin of 10 seconds and you want to use it for 20 seconds, you will define a loop section in a audio editor (like soundforge)
Ok you want an example ?

Don't open that file with a music player like foobar or winamp, try to open it with CDXTRACT, you'll see that the file is played infinitely...(thanks to the loop information ! )

i'm using optimfrog  for lossless encoding, it is possible to keep the loop informations inside the ofr file ? I don't want to use another codecs because i think optimfrog is the best for me...

Keep the loop information of wav files

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Most lossless compressors will retain extra RIFF information like that, including OptimFROG. One that I know that won't is FLAC, but it will warn you that it is "skipping unknown sub-chunks".

Keep the loop information of wav files

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i've just tested with optimfrog and it doesn't retain the loop information, did i forgot a command ?

i'm using --encode  --mode extranew - --output %d  (using CLI encoder in foobar)


Keep the loop information of wav files

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Ok it works !

I was using cli encoder to encode wav files to OFR , but when i wanted to decode OFR to WAV, i used the diskwriter included in foobar, not the OFR decoder, that's why the loop information was not saved...

It works perfectly now !

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