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shorten 3.6.0 released.

3.6.0  released Mon 03 May 2004
Fixed a seek table bug which, in rare cases, caused seek tables for certain
files (e.g. ones that end with silence) to be generated incorrectly.  Seek
tables created with the -k, -s or -S options are not affected.  To help
distinguish older, possibly buggy seek tables from newer ones, the seek
table revision number has been bumped from 0 to 1.  Thanks to Peter Kunath
for the report and the fix.
Updated the '-i' option to determine whether a file is an external seek
table file, a file with seek tables appended, or neither.  If seek tables
are present, the seek table revision number is now shown.


shorten 3.6.0 tarball

Sounded worse then the bug in 3.5.1 so I thought you may want to know, John33.

I hope this helps, tec

shorten 3.6.0 released.

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Also to john33:

Your 3.5.2 compile by default creates an external seek table (.skt), while the shn itself also appears to have it internally.

The shnutils and your v3.5.1 compiles, by default do not create .skt files.

shorten 3.6.0 released.

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Thanks guys; duly noted.  I'll attend to this over the next day, or two.

shorten 3.6.0 released.

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what does this program :confused:
--alt-presets are there for a reason! These other switches DO NOT work better than it, trust me on this.
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shorten 3.6.0 released.

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what does this program :confused:

Hydrogenaudio Forums -> Audio Compression -> Lossless Codecs

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shorten 3.6.0 released.

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ICL7.1 compile now available at Rarewares. In default mode the seek table is appended and then deleted. (BTW, I had to amend the code to do this as the code attempts to remove the file before it has been closed!!)


shorten 3.6.0 released.

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oh right, i shoulda mentioned i packaged this for the RW Debian Rep last night before i went to bed...

so, it's there (along with shntool 2.0.1)


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