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Topic: @_shorty : do you get sharp speed changes burning 24x ? (Read 2552 times) previous topic - next topic
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@_shorty : do you get sharp speed changes burning 24x ?

Originally posted by _Shorty
well, my 24x burner changes speeds 3 times during a burn if I burn at 24x.  16x at the start, then 20x, and then 24x, and you can see with your eye where these changes occur because of the drastic colour differences

_Shorty, what burner do you have ? I've got a new Yamaha CRW3200 24x partial CAV, and I was afraid of this for audio burning (the speed change). I couldn't see anything on my burned CDR because it has a black coating (HiSpace Carbon), but I was pleased to hear that there was no sudden speed change during the 24 x burning : according to the sound, it spins full speed for a while, then it slows down progressively until the end of the CD, while at 16x, it progressively slows down during all the burning.
Can you hear how your burner spins ?

@_shorty : do you get sharp speed changes burning 24x ?

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Zone-CLV would look like this:

The drive stops and spins up again before doing a velocity change. Should be easily audible.

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