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more questions re: burning data CD-R

Pio2001 wrote:
I forgot : McDaddy, you should have started a new thread with your Nero problem, we're already off-topic with the burning speed discussion...
so I am...

I have asked in this forum, and elsewhere, for a command line to burn a folder (ie: "gd1977-05-08") and its contents to CD-R using cdrdao, but no one has responded. The program's text file says it can be done, but nobody seems able to hook me up. When burning audioCDs with cdrdao via EAC, I have no problems, and would like to rid my need for nero altogether, but I must be able to burn data CDs...

Does anyone here know the command line and syntax (example?) to burn data CDs with cdrdao..?

Apparently nero will auto-restart if there is an error with disc burning. I have no problems with burning audioCDs, but when doing data CDs I get indiscriminate crashes. Primarily I am burning Shorten arcives, and really just want to burn one folder (which contains .shn, .md5, and .txt files) to a disc. I have tried ISO and UDF. Both formats work (70%), and both crash (30%). I realize that the filenames might be long, so I relax that restriction. I have been unable to find what specifically makes the thing crash (for the record, no other apps are in the fore- or background). I am getting tired of making coasters...

I have noticed that restarting after each burn allows for successful burning with more regularity (10 in a row-with a restart btween each-and counting)...

What could be causing the crashes in nero when burning data CDs?

Many thanks.

more questions re: burning data CD-R

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What exactly happens when Nero crashes ? You say it "auto-restarts". Is there any error message ?

What version of Nero is it ?

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