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JM80 reference AVC/H.264 encoder released

New H.264/AVC reference software version JM 8.0 released and available here:

..can now decode all bistreams in the draft_conformance directory
and most of the bitstream_exchange. But note that the direct mode
handling for interlaced cases is still not complete..

Changes from JM76 to JM80:
- encoder/decoder: SP filter strength (KS)
- decoder: fix decoder snr calculation for streams that contain idr pictures (AT)
- decoder: increase NAL unit buffer size (KS)
- encoder: further statistics fixes (AW)
- encoder: fix wrong LumaPrediction4x4 call (AW)
- encoder: fix reference index writing for MB AFF with one reference frame (AW)
- decoder: fix bottom field first decoding (KS)
- encoder: add profile and level idc to config file (KS)
- encoder/decoder: determine DPB size depending on level (KS)
- encoder/deocder: fix field pairing (KS)
- encoder/deocder: fix memory allocation for reference picture list (KS)
- encoder: decrease list0 size for b slices (KS)
- encoder: make FME a config file option (TK)
- encoder: add -h help option (AT)
- encoder/decoder: fix writing of unpaired field (ZY)
- decoder: fix currMB calculation in i_pcm reading (ZY)
- decoder: set ref_pic_num for each slice (KS/AS)
- decoder: disable deblocking filter P_SLICE simplifications (KS/AS)
- decoder: "hack fix" for direct mode decoding (AT)

JM80 reference AVC/H.264 encoder released

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Roberto provides the jm80 encoder binaries in Brazil:
Thanks go also to Dcoder for compiling these.

The first version outputs avi and can be played back for example with the latest FFDShow build:

The "264" version outputs raw 264 stream and can be played for example with the free Mainconcept demo decoder:
Juha Laaksonheimo

JM80 reference AVC/H.264 encoder released

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Eeh, this only works with very short clips. Otherwise it gives an error. Fixed compile should be up soon.

Edit. Fixed. Same location.
Juha Laaksonheimo

JM80 reference AVC/H.264 encoder released

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I will dare and point Mosu here, although i know he is incredibly busy with RL issues lately, so dont have high hopes on a quickly done native h.264 muxing into MKV ( of course, transmuxing from AVI will work already, but thats not the recommended way ). 

We discussed the best way to put the h.264 packets into MKV almost one year ago already, that time in the matroska forums, with an insider on h.264. We were trying to find a good way to handle NALU's, allowing low bandwidth streaming with packet drops in a clean way ....


JM80 reference AVC/H.264 encoder released

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It still quits after a few frames with higher resolution source. While JM76 encode it.

BTW ffdshow(without CABAC) is a little faster then vss decoder


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