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flac tag issues

i have a group of files that i recieved in flac format.  if i use macamp (osx) to play the files, the tag shows up normaly, but if i try to open the same file in foobar2000 (xp) no tag seems to be present (either in the playlist or via properties).  any ideas?


flac tag issues

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Maybe they're tagged in ID3v1 or ID3v2. (edit: ID3 on FLAC is permitted, but not recommended.)

Foobar2000 uses native FLAC tagging (the recommended method of tagging FLACs) instead of ID3 to tag FLAC files, so if the files are tagged in ID3, you'll need to erase the ID3 tags and add new FLAC tags.

I'm not perfectly sure, but I think Case's Tag would be able to do the conversion for you.


flac tag issues

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Hmh, even if the tags where id3, afaik foobar2000 should still be able to read them.

One thing that might be possible is that you are missing the id3v2 component for FB2K. It is available on kode54's page.

But as kjonlee already said, you should really replace the id3 tags with flac comments if that is the case.

Another option you might have to solve this quickly is, in case the files are rips from full albums, is to use FB2K's freedb component to retag the files.

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