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LAME 3.96b regression examples

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I've done a quick listening test. I selected the twelve samples according to my preferences and trying to represent all various genres. The results are quite clear, 3.90.2 (or 3.90.3) is still the best according to my tastes. Here is the summary table (raw abc/hr results available):

Since when i noticed and reported a problem with 3.94alpha i can hear a sort of chirping or unstable noise in some passages, the major problem was fixed by Gabriel but i think that something else is still problematic. 3.90.x versions does not suffers of this problem.
Some samples are really worsened (very easy to perceive) with the new version, i hope something could be done before releasing 3.96 stable:

- fall.wav (preecho and chirping)
- applaud.wav (droputs)
- campestre.wav (chirping)
- rebel.wav (ringing)

Three of these samples are taken from my collection only because i was suspecting problems with newest lame versions.
Fall.wav preecho is really annoying, maybe is better to use again more short blocks, even for 128 kbps.
The positive news is that 3.96b1 -q0 is almost as good as --ap 128, maybe a bit better.
WavPack 4.3 -mfx5
LAME 3.97 -V5 --vbr-new --athaa-sensitivity 1

LAME 3.96b regression examples

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This sample is from Cooking with Miles Davis called "My Funny Valentine". 3.90.3's APS sounds much better than 3.96b1's APS on this sample.


LAME 3.96b regression examples

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This thread is closed now because there's an official test thread now. I'm finished with editing in usable results from here. If you want some of your results from here included that aren't yet, please post in the other thread and provide the 'minimum requirements' (or links to where we can find them):
4. Your test results have to include the following:
  • ABX results for
    3.90.3 vs. Original
    3.96b1 vs. Original
    3.96b1 vs. 3.90.3

  • ABC/HR results are appreciated especially at lower bitrates, but shouldn't be considered a requirement.

  • (Short) descriptions of the artifacts/differences
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