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Winamp / LAME Problems

I have winamp 5.03 using LAME 3.95.1

i decided recently to use LAME al preset standard to encode as people always say good things.

I only started yesterday and have already noticed 2 problems. I duno if these are old problems, or due to LAME or winamp.

The main problem is the introduction of a "blip" at the end of songs. This is only noticable on songs that end loud and then suddenly go quiet. It seems to replay a small tiny blip of music from 1 second previously. Its really very annoying on some songs, especially the ET soundtrack where i noticed it. I then went through other songs and found it on others. Otherwise, the songs sound great.

Is this a winamp problem or LAME problem?

also, the song registers as one value, but the song usually continues for 5 or so seconds after the end of the timed section, as if it underestiated the length of the song. is this normal for VBR songs?

please reply and tell me if u have this as well. or if its the encodr etc. Maybe this info will help in your quest




Winamp / LAME Problems

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Both appear to be Winamp problems and probably its interface to the LAME encoder, not bugs in LAME itself.

Winamp5 does not support gapless playback of LAME encoded MP3s by default, which might explain the small 'blip' you are hearing.

The other problem might be caused by a broken Xing VBR header; try using vbrfix or foobar2000's "Fix MP3 Header" function to repair these files and report if the length is still reported incorrectly afterwards.

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