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What\'s A Good Mini-System With Analog / Digital Outputs?

I currently own a Panasonic SC-AK33 mini-system which I find excellent. Its ability to play any audio CD (including copy-protected ones) flawlessly is one of the things that I find most impressive about it. However, it completely lacks any sort of analog or digital outputs (which would be useful against copy-protected discs). It has line in jacks, which are useful when I want to play back audio from an external source on the mini-system, but not for much else.

Can any of you guys recommend any high quality mini-systems that are (at least) as good, with a sleek look and with analog / digital outputs? I'd like to see what options are available to me in case I decide to sell my current system for a better one. Oh, and, I'd prefer not to pay too much (as in upwards of $500 CDN).

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