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Yet another n00b looking for a soundcard...

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Appologies for bumping this old thread.

XP had its own drivers for the Yamaha card, but they did not support using the Hardware XG synthesis at all. [..] Yamaha's ref. drivers are better

No drivers for Windows XP support proper XG synthesis. All effect parameters and XG samples will be wrong, while General MIDI would still sound close to ideal. It can easily be checked by playing Yamaha's demo MIDIs.

In any case, going from 98 to XP and using WDM drivers resulted in a loss of my AUX and VIDEO internal connections...

All mixer buses can be enabled back by editing the Registry. I have connected an optical drive to Aux myself. (Volume2 fader is gone for good, though.)
- Look for a data value called "EnableControls" and "EnableControls2", set all bytes to 0x01.
- Run sndvol32 and uncheck unneeded faders.
- (or) Download AC97 Mixer by Alex Mina.

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