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[Request] Genre scheduler

I was thinking of something like this:

a scheduler that would create and play playlists one set time (like 3:30 PM) using determined filters ...

for e.g. :
9 AM : play songs from db where genre="smooth,folk"
12 AM: play songs from db where genre="rock"

the from db could be an option like from database or from 'main' playlist

I'm running a small coffee place and I would find it so useful to just keep foobar running and not switching from different playlist when I want to change the mood of the place

[Request] Genre scheduler

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dunno, I dont think it would be cool _only_ for my place (which is not anyway), I can see some other cases where it would be nice (i.e. set some specific genre of music when your working on your computer from WH:ATever to whatever and then automaticaly switch to another genre ...

I might decide to get a computer where I am and code it for myself though, blah who knows

[Request] Genre scheduler

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Maybe you could ask the developer of foo_shuffle to do this, it is quite a useful tool to keep songs playing depending from one ore more tag values (only from one author BUT different genre, different Year And different artist etc etc)
Although there hasn't been much updates in the last week I think (I am not really up to date at the moment)

[Request] Genre scheduler

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Using my foo_scheduler ( plugin it is possible to do that.

You have to first create the playlists manually, and add the actions "Change playlist", "Go to beginng",  and "Play" at selected time.

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