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EAC/CDex/Win2K/USB Burner

My friend just bought a Micro Solutions Backpack USB 2.0 burner and is using it with a Dell Laptop running Win2000 and I was trying to set up either EAC or CDex to use the new drive for DAE, but neither program will recognize the new drive.  Since I'm not very familiar with Win2K, I was hoping someone might have an idea as to why this might be the case and how I might fix it.



EAC/CDex/Win2K/USB Burner

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i don't know of any laptops that actually have usb 2.0 ports (.....yet......lalala as i wait), so you can't take advantage of the speed there.  and i'm not sure what ripping is like on a laptop with a regular usb connection.  i am assuming the drive is backwards compatible to usb 1.1 - i do know there have been driver issues with usb 2.0 & win2000, but that shouldnt matter cause i would think that it should be backwards compatible & not continuously trying to look for a usb 1.1 drive connected.

thats all i know, anyone else wanna take a shot.......

- dave

EAC/CDex/Win2K/USB Burner

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Well, I am not sure why it wouldn't work, but just to offer the standard options:

You could try installing ASPI or ASAPI drivers.
ASPI I'm not sure where to get them these days (you could check the EAC forum) or ASAPI you can get from

Good luck

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EAC/CDex/Win2K/USB Burner

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Thanks for the info.  Actually, I read a similar message on the EAC forum, and one of the suggestions was to put the wnaspi.dll in the EAC directory.  I'll start with that idea and work from there.

i don't know of any laptops that actually have usb 2.0 ports

The laptop didn't come with USB 2.0, but my friend bought a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card, which is apparently all you need for the upgrade from USB 1.1.  We were able to burn a 72 minute cd from .wavs on the hard drive with the burn speed set at 32x in about 3 1/2 minutes.  The buffer didn't drop below 100% once.

I think the card was only around $50, and he got it on eBay, so it might have even been a little less.  Seems like a pretty worthwhile upgrade, especially if you have a laptop and want to get one of the new huge USB 2.0 compatible hard drives.

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