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[USELESS] user rambling part X

@Christian & the poll:

I viewed the results first, before i wanted to vote. After that, I could not vote, as "You have already voted".
But I don't have voted, yet.
IIRC, some invision forum software has this poll bug. But I know, there is a solution, maybe other config of board software, or other version/update.

yeah, you can count on me, that i spend some money for Frank's PC. I have had some email with Frank some time ago, about --ms 15 switch, published here, and I have a very strong feeling, that Frank is one of the most trustworthy persons walking around. Persons, who made sometimes more for community, than it was good for themselves.

hmmm, about PayPal, I have had some bad experience with it in past, I wanted to collect money for an international community project, too. With a free paypal account, there were problems with conversions of $ , DM, €, British Pound Sterling etc.
Hopefully, paypal is better now.....
restrictions with international currencies, and paying/accepting only via credit card.
take care, if you should set up paypal account. maybe there is better solution, but I dunno.

[USELESS] user rambling part X

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IIRC, some invision forum software has this poll bug.

It's not a bug, it's the default feature.
Juha Laaksonheimo

[USELESS] user rambling part X

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maybe the talk about poll features is ot here, , on the other hand, it might be a good warning for those dumb guys like me, who are toooo curious, and want to view results before voting and don't understand "null vote" short cut.

Me would add a fat bold warning at begin of a thread with poll, about:

Be careful, if you view results before having voted, you cannot vote afterwards !

as example.
Or select a configuration, which allows viewing results before having voted.
well, it is not so important, on the other hand, some thanksgiving to Frank is somehow important imo, otherwise I would not write here

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