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IDG "Studio" listening test

A Swedish magazine is soliciting people? to participate in a (large?) listening test.

Apparently they want you to send an email with the subject "Ljudformatstest" to and mention  "64 kbps" "128 kbps" or both in the body to get an URL to the files, which just feels a little too much like a bother for me to even begin listening to what it is.. (not that I'd participate anyway)

Results are to be sent in to the same place with "Resultat ljudkodning" as the subject. 14:th of May is the cutoff date.

IDG "Studio" listening test

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Cool!  I see they're using a program I'm intimately familiar with.



IDG "Studio" listening test

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The Editor of that magazine (Studio) PMd me asking for information about the way I conduce my tests

He's a reasonably active member of this community.

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