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Get Foobar's Playlist from PHP script?

Hi all.
I've made a PHP page that controls the foobar in a local net computer, using the commandline options (/play, /pause, etc.) its easy to control its basic funtions from the PHP script.

Using the AMIP plugin I've just added a "now playing" to the web page (that was very easy too).

Now the qestion:
Someone has a idea about how to "read" the files that foobar has in its internal playlist... I've been taking a look to the "000000000 - Default.fpl" playlist, and thinked in "parse it" to show the songs in the page... but this playlist only is updates when foobar closes... :-(

Its seems that the only solution its to write a plugin that writes down in the HD the current foobar playlist... to later read it from the PHP script. (My knowledge about C++ programing is very limited)

Any idea is welcomed.
Best regards.


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