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EAC Setup

I apologise if this has been asked before, by I couldn't search for EAC threads as it has less than 4 characters.

Ive just downloaded EAC and Im trying to use it to record mp3s using LAME with the --alt-preset standard command line option.

When I go to Compression Options --> External Compression:
I add --alt-preset standard to the 'additional command line options' but I cant get it to use this option instead of the bit rate chosen in the 'Bitrate' pull-down menu. Is the VBR 192kbps the same as --alt-preset standard ?

Im sorry if this is a really stupid question but I would be really grateful for any help.

EAC Setup

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Try this:

- uninstall your current EAC

- open Regedit (RUN -> regedit.exe) and delete the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAWSoftware"

- download the latest LAME stable version from and extract it into some folder

- download the current EAC and install it (

It should ask where your lame.exe is, and automatically configure itself for MP3 extraction, using --alt-preset standard.

This is the hard way, but effective.

EAC Setup

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Cheers for the help.  Ive got it to work now.

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