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"Rights issue dogs CD protection"

This is quite old news but I haven't been reading my emails as frequently as I should (Jan's is my holiday month ). Heres the link...

Rights Issue Dogs CD Protection

It seems that labels are heading towards meltdown if artist's get their way.

"Ordinarily wielding far less power, and commanding far fewer financial resources than the record labels, this scattered group of individuals and associations now is proving a more potent force in the digital transformation."

Interesting I say... more power to those who actually provide us with the tunes!

"Macrovision says labels seem to be more worried about the copy-protection technology's compatibility with different devices, and about consumer reaction to copy-proof discs, than about the looming royalty issues, however."

As always Macrovision in the spotlight trying to promote themselves... and deflect attention from possible loss of business.


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"Rights issue dogs CD protection"

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i smell something...

yes that's it.  it's RIAA fear.

it's amazing how ignorant to change the recording industry has been.  digital techology is not new, the internet is not new.  it's amazing nobody in the industry saw this coming 15 years ago.

yes, power to the artist is a good thing.  the distribution chain has all but broken down completely, and a wise publisher can so easily cut out this enormous middle-man.  though i don't see it happening with a download link and PayPal... i wish people were kind enough to do that, but why pay if you can get for free...

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