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[USELESS] I'm a little confused...


I just read that Frank (Klemm if this is right) who did work on mpc/musepack before now works on ogg vorbis. is that correct?
What's about Andree Buschmann?
I mean, if both Andree and Frank are working on ogg vorbis now, why was never thought of getting musepack into the xiph organisation? why not put musepack equal to vorbis and speex into the project? that would secure all the mpc files and mpc users around (me too). and we could be sure that there will be work done on the codec so it can even improve it's impressive quality.
what do you think?



[USELESS] I'm a little confused...

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Please thoroughly read the threads you're referring to (and notice the date of the posts) before jumping to wrong conclusions, and choose appropriate titles for your own threads.

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