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Alive WMA MP3 Recorder

AliveMedia, Inc released new software of Alive WMA MP3 Recorder

Alive WMA MP3 Recorder can record and capture any audio source from your computer, and save to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG or VOX files. With Alive WMA MP3 Recorder you can record sound from microphone, line-in, streaming audio from the Internet, or music played by WinAMP, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, RealPlayer, Power DVD, VCD, Flash, Games, etc..

Alive WMA MP3 Recorder allows you to record sound without running out of memory as long as there's enough disk space. Alive WMA MP3 Recorder have simple and intuitive interface. Sound quality of the recordings remains excellent. Alive WMA MP3 Recorder integrates the complete set of record volume control for your convenience.

In addition, Alive WMA MP3 Recorder includes an AudioPlayer, and  enables you to play MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, VOX, MPC, AVI, MP1, MP2, MPA, g721, g726, g723 or RAW files.

For more information, please visit our website. A fully functional trial version of Alive WMA MP3 Recorder is available at website:

Alive WMA MP3 Recorder

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Hmm, normally we don't move these small trial software newssubmissions to validated news, but since you seem to support MPC playing and it's a bit slow on the news side.. 

How about adding MP4 AAC playback support also..
Juha Laaksonheimo

Alive WMA MP3 Recorder

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And FLAC playback support too, please.

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