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Topic: [USELESS] HA causing "Frank-Klemm-syndrom" (Read 2118 times) previous topic - next topic
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[USELESS] HA causing "Frank-Klemm-syndrom"

edit: This is split from here.
Hallo Christophe,

don´t loose your motivation by comments like these here, please: Don´t suffer the "Frank-Klemm-syndrom" and become frustrated by this forum ;-)


EDIT: Wow, my first post here and I will possibly banned after it... :-|

[USELESS] HA causing "Frank-Klemm-syndrom"

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Lokutus01, I can understand your desire to avoid a talented person being  demotivated.

That being said, I agree with some of the previous posts here, in that, there seems to be some 'snake oil' being sold here.

The analogy to Frank Klemm may be out of bounds. I am aware of Frank's having delivered the goods, but not continuing development due to a change in interests or possible discouragement.

Christophe, I believe your bold claims invite criticism in any 'forum.' If a person were to claim on Television, Radio, or this forum 'I can travel faster than light, and it will be at a dealership near you next week', people will balk.

[USELESS] HA causing "Frank-Klemm-syndrom"

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Aren't you like... 6 months late?

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