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interesting test sample

Hi all
while listening through my vast collection of Danzig songs, I came a across a sample that may be of use for listening tests or even encoder tuning.
It has sharp attacks (3.903. aps uses 16.1% short blocks) which are only on the right channel (75% SS stereo) and imho the stereo image is difficult to encode overall.

3.90.3 aps average bitrate for the 29.5s sample is 244k.
I can ABX the sharp attacks with medium bitrate lame encoded files pretty good, that should leave some room downward for not-so-good coders like Xing, FhG etc

So, if experienced listeners would take a few minutes to share their opinion on this beauty, I would be grateful.

Title: Sacrifice
Artist: Danzig
Album: Blackacidevil
Copyright: Evilive Music/Glenn Danzig
Published: 1996 Hollywood Records (out of print), 2000 E-Magine

Thank You

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