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Matroska Stream Editor

Here is a new program to manipulate any type of stream in a Matroska file. (Cut, append, time-shift, etc) It is free for non-commercial use. Right now the current feature set is complete. I am looking for help in finding bugs in it.

This program is not for putting audio files into the Matroska container, but only for editing streams that are already in Matroska.

I did notice that if there is a gap of timecodes in a stream, DirectShow will automatically skip it.  IE, if you put a 10 second gap in the middle of a stream, it will be written, but DirectShow will just jump forward 10 seconds to the next audio packet.

Download here: Matroska Stream Editor

Matroska Stream Editor

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Anyone know of a mirror for the stream editor? 


Matroska Stream Editor

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Updated link to latest version.  Sorry about that.

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